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  1. Dear whom it may concern,

    My name is Ciaran O’ Sullivan and I was just wondering if you or your company might be aware of any collectors looking for minimum 30 years old aynsley bone china, that I am currently looking to sell. If you could point me in the right direction that would be a great help. I also have china from other brands such as Belleek and Royal Tara.

    Ciaran O’ Sullivan

  2. Hi
    I have a tea-set design that I cannot find anywhere. Its similar to “Bluebell Time” but with heather motif? Can you help. I can email photo, if I could have an email address

  3. Hi

    I contacted Aynsley regarding the tea set I just inherited and they put me onto chinasearch who in turn put me onto this website.
    I’m trying to track down the tea set as it is missing some pieces.
    The set consists of 6 butter or cake plates, 6 tea cups and six tea saucers.
    The writing on the bottom has the numbers c889 under the crown and a 10 at the top of the crown. Its pattern is on the inside of the cup featuring 3 pink roses with gold leafing around the cup. The outside is white with a gold circle at the top, bottom and in the middle. The saucer is 148mm round. It also has 2 small roses and one big one with gold leafing around the top. I would love to obtain one cup and two saucers to complete the set. It belonged to my parents before they died. I believe it was a wedding present to them so it is over 50 years old. I would attach photos but this site wont let it.

    We live in Australia and can not track it down here.



  4. I am looking to find an Aynsley tea cup that belongs to a set left to me, where would I find a pattern no. I can supply a pic if you would like, it is a pale yellow color with gold rim and has flowers on the out side and inside the rim.
    It is circa 1940’s and was purchased in Australia.

  5. Hi,
    I would be grateful if you could advise of the best way of reaching Aynsley collectors as I have some old china pieces that I would like to sell. The crown mark of the bottom gives a manufacturer’s date of 1905 to 1925 but there isn’t a pattern name or number, although the saucers are marked 3244.
    The china is white with blue and gold banding, with small neat tea (or maybe coffee) cups. It is in excellent condition, with a bread and butter plate, milk jug and sugar bowl as well as cups, saucers and 2 sizes of plates.
    Thank you for your help,

  6. Hi there,

    I have found an Aynsley tea set in my mums attic but I can not find out what pattern it is. It has pattern number 14474.
    Does anyone know what it might be.

    Thank you

  7. Hello,

    I am interested in joining the Society and in particular gaining access to the unique pattern book/catalogue. Please could you confirm that the organisation is still active and that the catalogue is still made available to members. Finally, I read one historical bloat post that mentioned the digitisation of the catalogue and online access – was this ever achieved?

    Thank you,
    Danny (Callaghan)

  8. Dear all, Please can I rack your brains ? I was bought an ornament of a pair of doves in the 1980’s which sadly got smashed. The male dove is standing proudly with his wings up over the female. From memory it isn’t that tall, probably about 9″ max. Mainly white. I have scoured ebay and local antique, collectors emporiums to no avail. I am awaiting a reply from Aynsley. This is an ornament (not salt+pepper shakers) Can anyone help. Thanks Gillm

  9. Ebay is a good resource for finding deleted production Aynsley China pieces. Hopefully other members could keep a watchful eye and let you know if they have one for sale or where to locate one for you.

  10. We are still active.

    Digitization equipment now in place please let us know which area of the patten book you are interested in and we will start publishing.

  11. Thank you for your reply – much appreciated. I have been helping a colleague -(Jane Wells nee Tomlinson) conduct research about her mother who spent time training as a lithographer at Aynsley during the early 1950s after moving to Longton from London as an ‘official war evacuee’ during the second World War. She is trying to piece together her life in Railway Terrace and Sutherland Road Works. Jane is particularly interested in any ware made between 1950 and 1952 (lithography print) that her mother might have had a hand in producing. I will now join the Aynsley Collector’s Society and hope to follow this up with you on behalf of Jane (Wells). Thank you again.

    Best wishes,

  12. Hello,

    I paid a membership (via PayPal) on 14th April 2014. I have not received any communication or confirmation of my payment or membership details. I mentioned in a previous message that my primary reason for joining was to support my colleague Jane Wells with research about her mother. Is it possible to have access to catalogue and any other information you can offer relating to 1950-52 (or late 1940s early 1950s). Her mother Cath(erine) Hayes was a trainee lithographer at Aynsley and she is interested in finding out as much as she can about the products and working life at this time. Cath was an evacuee from london and lived in Railway Terrace.

    Thank you,
    Danny Callaghan

  13. Payment received. Valid until official launch date.

    In the process scanning the patten book for the dates you have requested. Will be published shortly.

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