Age does not always bring value

As an historian for Aynsley China my task is even more difficult as records are becoming more difficult to find and cross reference. British trade marks and this applies accross the pottery industry are not affected by value. What I mean is that a 1875 tea cup, saucer and plate by Aynsley cost me £15.00 at auction this piece is rare I have yet to find another on the market. This has the Aynsley impressed mark but put this up against a 1972 Cottage Garden Portland tea cup, saucer and plate is reaching the same price. 97 years is not reflecting in value. Therefore establishing a date of a piece only serves as a point of interest.

However there are couple of gems to look out for these include the Crocus or butterly cups, saucers and sweet plates the original 1930’s are reaching £75 – 100 for a trio. The 1980’s telephones are reaching £70 – 100 double the value when new. Acid etch tableware used or unused does not hold their value. Orchard Gold 1960’s were originally hand coloured they command good prices however the latest litho print versions devalue more. Moca cups with solid silver marked handled holders reach high values from £50 -100 each.

This raises many questions

1) Will I find an Aynsley piece that has value?

If we are looking for rare pieces you can pick them up on ebay look for example cups and saucers or trio sets even. I bought a trio for £12.00 dating back to the early eighteen hundreds. Again value is what I was prepared to pay for it £12.00 this was a rare find not that attractive but old. But what would I sell it on for? problably the same price or maybe a couple of pounds added. But who would buy this rare piece? I don’t think there is a market for them. The person who bought it for £2 and sold it on ebay did well. But this is what the market creates. If there were many who were bidding maybe the price would have gone higher. I was only interested in the minimum price.

Things to look for:

a) Look for old Aynsley back stamps green coloured is one clue. The early ones will be embossed into the porcelain “J AYNSLEY” some are not even stamped.

b) Look for numbers only numbers with A, B, C, D etc in front of a number dates it the piece as from 1900 just numbers earlier.