The Pattern Book

We hold the only surviving factory pattern book D

This is a sample page dating from 1932 the first two panes were celebration dishes for the opening of Sydney Harbor Bridge in 1932.

A  rubber stamp is used to cover the crest and was then coloured in by hand.

D963wwwThe final pane covers The Glasgow Empire Exhibition of 1938

Litho transfers have been recorded and used in the final process before glazing.

Our first question why was the pattern recorded in the patten book.

Keeping records was once an important task to the factory. Each shape of piece was given a number. D963 to D965 may have been marked on the base of the piece. For shops to order they would use the number for reference.

We have tracked down the following piece of the Sydney Harbor tray. We think this maybe the lithograph version. As the above record was for a more elaborate design of a cup on a foot. The crest was included on the base stamp.

754353358_o 754353364_oThere is no sign of the patten code and clearly Aynsley was commission by Prouds Limited of Sydney to produce this piece.