Tea sets and Tableware have been in production at Aynsley’s factory in Longton, Staffordshire since 1775.
Aynsley China today is the only UK pottery that has continued with tradition using the process called acid etching of certain exclusive lines in tableware. A pattern is created to the relief of tableware rims by disolving the porcelain surface and finishing with gold gilt. The process is very labour intensive and is reflected in their prices. A new Edwardian Cobalt dinner plate is priced in the region of £100 per plate. You can obtain them used in the region of £30 to £50 on ebay.

Aynsley today continue to produce a top, middle and budget range of tea sets and tableware. The introductory of the Litho process replaced the hand painted patterns e.g. the Indian Tree and Orchard Gold from the early 1970’s.

Casual ware designed for every day use is also produced even today.


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