Animal Kingdom


The Animal Kingdom has recently been reintroduced the above are from the 1980’s but they date back as far as 1975. However they may go back further as we research the collection.

These are from the 1982 catalogue the range is quite extensive. Just over an eight year period Aynsley would introduce five to ten new pieces each year that is over 80 different designs from 1975 to 1982.

Eb-ay often advertise these for sale and they are reasonably priced for those who wish to start collecting. Prices range from a couple of pounds to over £1000 for larger and rare pieces. Fred Wright worked for Aynsley in the early 70’s until his retirement. He is most famous for the bald headed eagle commission by Queen Elizabeth who presented the eagle to USA in 1976 for the country’s bi centenary.

Fred Wright Aynsley China famous artist and sculpture

Fred Wright’s fascination with detail the above are his famous works