Orchard Gold (Vintage)

Orchard Gold is a pattern name for the fruit paintings similar to the Royal Worcester artists.

Nancy Blunt and Doris Jones joined Aynsley China from 1930 they were the main Orchard Gold Gold artists.  Their signatures can be found on all hand painted pieces.

Fruit Paintings - Vintage Orchard Gold


Vintage Orchard Gold  compared with the Orchard Gold from 1970 below












The original fruit paintings will be hand painted some will have the artist signature. The main differences is the base colour will be a lighter yellow and more detailed in the earlier additions. The pattern is quite different.

First came the tea sets based on the shape of the cup

1) Athens

The Athens cup shape has the distinct handle with a nodule which was designed to improve grip and stop fingers sliding. Inside of cups were either, hand painted or in gold.

2) Oban

The Oban is a slightly smaller cup and more rounded handle.

3) Stratford/Lancaster/Coffee Cup – Smaller again

Tea sets came with Tea and coffee pots

Note the different shape of the coffee pot

Coffee Pot

New Coffee Pot shape

Tea pots


New shape


Time for Tea Collection


Tea For One

Creamers and Sugar Boxes

Vintage Creamer




Dinner, Fish, Sweet, Cheese, & side plates are still produced at the factory today, gravy boats, veg dishes and soup tureens etc. Are available to order via UK China Direct