Formal Tableware 2009 – Savannah

Aynsley 2009 addition to the formal range



Formal Range:  Covers a extensive range of tableware matching accessories

Dinner Plate, 10.5″

Fish Plate, 9.25″

Sweet Plate, 8.25″

Cheese Plate, 7.25″

Side Plate, 6.25″

Teacup & Saucer

Ad Can & Stand

Soup Plate, 7.75

Soup Plate, 9.25

Cream Soup & Stand

Oatmeal/Coupe Soup, 6.25″

Fruit/Cereal, 5.25

Gravy Boat & Stand

Gravy Boat

Covered Veg Dish

Soup Tureen,

Baker/Open Veg Dish, 10.75″

Scallop/Salad Bowl, 9

Dish/ Platter Oval, 13.25

Dish/ Platter Oval, 15.25

Pickle Dish

Crescent Salad,

Coffee Pot 40oz,

Teapot 40oz,

Cake Plate (B&B),

Sugar Box,

Sugar Bowl (Round),

Cream Oval,

Cream Round,

Service Plate, 12.25″

Place Setting – 5 Piece,

Breakfast Cup & Saucer

Formal Tableware:

It was a tradition that households had two sets of tableware One set was for daily use and of inferior quality. The second set was for special ocassions or entertaining and usually far superior in quality.  However, fashions and trends change households do less entertaining in fact there is unlikely to be one full set of tableware.