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1775 – 2014

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Welcome to the new Aynsley Collectors’ Society online.  The society previously was administrated by Aynsley China from their admin quarters at Longton, Staffordshire.  Primarily a marketing tool for the company and their authorized stockists introducing news and information on the latest products. For collectors this was ideal in supporting their collections and keeping them informed with news from the factory.

In 2007 I approached Aynsley China as an Aynsley collector and one of it’s retailers, and presented the idea to relaunch the Society online.  Today we await the official launch date and are currently building the membership through online registrations with a subscription service for those members who are interested in helping and supporting the society through it’s early development. Members who subscribed from 2007 have their renewal date extended until one year after the official launch. This period of introduction allows the membership to develop and become more community based.

The Aims & Objectives

Forums: The objectives to build a community of interested Collectors, Enthusiasts, Retailers and Antique dealers. The forums allow interaction and promotion of collecting.

Auctions: Collectors for the first time are able to purchase mail order or online from other collectors, retailers and dealers through the Societies unique online auction or direct. With ebay becoming more expensive for collectors to advertise and buy. The society wanted to provide a free listing service for sellers and a more economical auction site for collectors to buy through. The membership subscription fee is designed to cover the costs for the delivery of a free auction site service

History:The Aynsley archives are the most important resource for collectors. As a Cottage Garden collector the archives establishes the depth of my collection and what piece are missing. For those more serious collector’s establishing which pieces are rare and command the highest prices.

Valuations:For general interest or for official insurance purposes play an important aspect in collecting. Purchasing a unused Georgian Colbalt dinner plate for £20 while they sell for new in the region of £100 each is a bargain worth knowing.

Latest News from the factory: Aynsley produces new introductions each year and also deletes designs from future productions.

Did you know that the Pembroke and Edwardian Kitchen gift ware designs are no longer in have been deleted from production

When a collection design ends the used market receives a boost in sales. They become more in demand and their value may also increase.

Retailers:New Aynsley products are only sold through authorized stockists. New porcelain become more stable after its first year. Therefore Aynsley’s manufacture guarantees become very important during a piece first 12 months of it’s life. Faults can develop and the Aynsley official stockist can exchange within the manufacture guarantee or refund. Antique Dealers do not sell new they maybe unused but never new. Manufacture warranties are only covered by authorized Aynsley stockists.

Sadly in December 2014 the Longton factory closed The Portland works had already closed production and the former Atlas works closed in 2014. Belleek has taken over some of the Aynsley China brands.