from 1775 to 2014

The company was founded in 1775 by John Aynsley (I) in Lane End, Longton, Staffordshire. In 1861 his grandson John Aynsley built the historic Portland Works on Sutherland Road, Longton, Staffordshire. The company’s profitability made it a desirable acquisition. In June 1970 Spode put in a bid, this was then topped in July by Denbyware. Discussions then followed with Waterford Glass and a £1 million bid was agreed. In 1970 John Aynsley and Sons was taken over by Waterford and renamed Aynsley China Ltd. In 1987 Waterford sold the company in order to focus the group’s fine china sales on the worldwide Wedgwood brand.

In May 1997, Aynsley China was acquired by The Belleek Pottery Group in Ireland. The company closed factory in September 2014. As of July 2015 the factory shop remained open until the site is sold.

The Aynsley brand is continued today with Belleek, Northern Ireland.

John Aynsley the 2nd, son of James Aynsley, James father was John Aynsley the 1st.

Portrait of John as Major.

Catherine Mabel Hayes was born on the 19th November 1935 worked at Portland Works.

Aynsley, on Sutherland Road, a few minutes walk from her home on Railway Terrace.
Aynsleys was established in 1775 by John Aynsley and was situated in Lane End, as Longton was then called. John Aynsley was originally a decorator but by 1810 records show that a maker of earthenware called Aynsley and Company existed in Flint Street, Lane End, and they were the first to specialise in lustre ware, an iridescent effect achieved by applying a metallic glaze. John’s son James took over the business and after James, his son John 2nd who founded the Portland Road works in 1861. These buildings still stand today although the factory sadly stopped production in late 2014.